Please Help me with php folder

OK…I recently got website that is mostly made with php. I know NOTHING about php. All I want to do is open up a folder and insert some html & banner on a particular page(s). The person who developed the site …said open this folder (state 2.php) and there is where I would add it…but I need to know php…but it does not show the page contents and the html code…it only shows the html code for the php.
Example: is the website.
I want to add a SINGLE banner on top of certain pages. Example: If you go to OKLAHOMA and click on TULSA for the city up comes all the listings…
If I view the source page I can see the html and I know where to put the code for the banner…but when I login to my server and open the state2.php folder which supposed to have this page…I can’t figure how to display this html code page for this page! I know basic html and how to insert it but this PHP is way over my head. ??? Any help I would really appreciate. THANKS!!

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