Please help! I'm a beginner taking an a huge task.

For a while now i have been trying to create an image gallery that i can integrate into my existing site design.

I want to be able to upload/delete images via a database into different categories, be able to add/delete categories, display a list of those categories and thumbnails inside the categories of the uploaded images with to view larger image and comment and rate those images.

I have very little experience but am very determined and am trying everything, i have downloaded every ready made gallery i can find hoping to be able to integrate them or learn what to do by viewing the code, i have also followed loads and loads of tutorials watched videos from, read guide books (php and mysql for dummies - which i thought sounded perfect for me) but I’m not getting anywhere. This is taking over my life from the time i wake up till the time i go to bed i am trying to get this done and i really really would appreciate any help that i can get.

Thank you in advance to anybody that is kind enough to help a hopeless beginner.

You never really asked a question so i’m guessing that you want an opinion of a gallery based on what your looking for. ‘Gallery’ is what i’ve used in the past and it does everything you would want a gallery to do. It is fairly customizable but you will have to mess around with it a bit. Granted this is something you’ve been doing with other packages but I would reccommend just sticking with this package until you get it working the way you want it to.


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