Please help direct a noobie

I’m new to php and teaching myself.
Taught myself html, cad/cam, cnc programming, ect. So I can do things once I get the hang of it.
I’ve been studying php/ mysql for days and kinda get the hang of it, anyway heres my question:

Web sites like craigslist and ebay seem to create a new web page with a submit form.
I know how to write php code to submit text onto an existing page in my database. But how is a new page created when a person inputs and submits dynamically?

For example: The Denver craigslist page for bicycles for sale is addressed (,
click on a post and the address is something like (
Looks to me like a user created html web page.

How is this done?

I’m sure this is basic stuff. Just cant find it. I’ve been looking around for a long time and can’t find any info.

Btw, I don’t like templates and programs that do this stuff for you. I’m looking for code, etc.

Thanks for helping out a struggling noob! Sorry I don’t have the lingo down (very green here).

u can get this done by placing a ‘URL Rewrite’ code in your .htaccess file or web.config file in your site.

if your server is linux based, use .htaccess or if it is windows based, use web.config.

based on the type of ur server, u can get the URL Rewrite code in the internet.

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