Please help, charity website messed up!


Hi guys and gals,

I run the website for my local cat rescue it was set up by someone else (I have no idea on PHP!) and now we have lost contact with that person and the website looks awful!

The hosts (justhostme) just announced they have upgraded the version of PHP and this has happened since but even after googling it and trying to fix it myself I am still clueless :frowning:

I really need to get the site back to normal, please could someone help?

Thanks, Sara


Well, this is a PHP help site. Perhaps you should tell us what is wrong or post some code or ask a question.

On your site, this line:
Deprecated: Function eregi() is deprecated in /home/catcallo/public_html/dev/news/inc/ on line 20
simply says you have to change line 20, etc… We would need to see line twenty to help you fix it.
But, a sample would be BEFORE:
if ( ! eregi ( “^[0-9A-Z&#[:space:]]{1,}$", $username ) )
if ( !preg_match("^[0-9A-Za-z&#
]+$”, $username) )
Basically all “ereg” and “eregi” functions are now handled with “preg_match” functions…

But, show code lines that have errors… (Post inside PHP tags above!) Help us help you!


I am trying my hardest to work this out, how on earth do I know where to find the code, I am lost hence having to ask for help :frowning:

If I knew what the problem was… :frowning:


Well, you took over the site from someone else. They should have given you the FTP connection info.
(Do not post here! If needed post that in a private message so it does not get out in public!)
You must connect to the site via FTP and look at the live files. They will end in PHP, something like index.php,
home.php whatever… So, your site comes up at:,
so most likely the main page is

That would mean that in the default folder online you would look at the index.php file. It is basically just a text file and you would edit it and look at the lines that are bad. These are the ones that have to be changed.

If you can not figure all that out, I will help. Send the FTP info by private-message.

Have you asked the person who set it up? Or, do they want a lot of money to fix it? Good luck.


Hi Ernie,

I did take over from someone else, he tried to show me bits of it but he is a whizz kid, I am not! I can’t get hold of him so I am guessing he wants nothing more to do with it which leaves me in a really awful situation! :frowning:

I see it is something to do with cutenews which I really want to get rid of, I have somehow just managed to delete the news.php file too… hmm!

Thought I could fix this and just messed it right up!


Well, if you want, you can send me the login info for FTP in a private message and I will look at the site for you.
You can change the password after I take a peek… I would guess it is just a small change or two that is needed.

If not, you will have to look at each page, find where it is stopping, look for the error in the PHP code for that file.
If you do not have PHP experience, I suggest either letting me look at the code, or get someone local that has some experience it in. Either way, let us know if you need more help…

PS: Do NOT post your connection info on an open thread!


Cat Call,
I tried to send you a personal message and it said your inbox is full… You have to delete them…
But, here it is:

Well, in your case, the infection was in your two index pages.
I just removed them and copied them back to the server…
It looks like it took care of the problem.

Will you please look at the site and see what you think?
If you are happy with it, you should copy the entire site back to your folder.
I do NOT think you need to make a separate backup as I said before.
It was much easier to clear it out than I first thought. So, just get yourself a copy soon.
All seems okay for now.

Also, let me know if you are done with me. I will dump your files here once you are sure the site is working. But, if you wish, I will leave your FTP info on my private message area for now, in case it pops up again…

Karma me up… This was a “project”!!!