Please Help - Beginner

I’ve been trying very hard to learn how to install PHP and Mysql so that I can build a forum website but I can’t find an adequate website to help me. I use godaddy as my hosting and filezilla as my ftp on windows. I want to create a phpbb3 forum but I need php and mysql installed (I’m not even sure if I’m supposed to install it on my compute or server).

Please help me “install” php and mysql please. My technical experience extends to only html and css.

Well the following links may help I am also learning PHP and these are very good for creating PHP scripts on your own computer



I use the Xampp one to run php scripts but it lacks to MYSQL CMI so I also have WAMP installed which comes with that

so even if I’m using an external hosting (godaddy) and an ftp for my website, I still have to install php, apache and mysql on my computer?

No, your hoster should have it installed. You’ll probably have to get them to install/enable it for you.

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