Please explain the following code.

<?php class title { private $directory; private $filearray=array(); public function __construct($directory) { $this->directory=$directory; if(is_dir($directory)) { $diropen=opendir($directory) or die("failed to open directory"); if (($file=readdir($diropen))!==false) { if (is_file("$directory/$file")) { $title=$this->createTitle($file); $this->filearray[$f]=$title; } } } else (die("it is not a directory")); } public function createTitle($title) { $title=substr($title,0,$strpos($title,".")); } } ?>

please review the code , in the constructror $title has two value property craeteTitle($file) and $this->filearray[$file] .Is the two values contain array or string?
what will found by the function readdir()?? array or string?
if array what will return by $this->filearray[$f] and how?
please help me…

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