Please Assist!


I am looking for help with trying to get hold of a bit of source code on a web page. For examples sake, let’s say it’s YouTube, and I want to get the video description.

For example. Let’s say the URL is
and I want to get this code off the page and onto mine:

<span id="vidDescBegin"> This is the code I want to get onto my page. </span>

I want to do this as my site has a few of my favourite YouTube videos on it and I would like for the video descriptions to come up below the videos.

I think it’s possible to use file_get_contents(); and eregi(); to do this but I’m not sure.

If anyone can help me out, thanks. :)

yes, it is. try to start with the code. thats the best way to learn it. if u run into trouble feel free to ask again.

I agree Q1712, we do not have time to write scripts for you. Please try and get some code together and if you have troubles feel free to come back. This is a great place for help with using function and what functions are available.

Good Luck!

instead using this link

try to use

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