pictures blurring

Okay, I haven’t been working with php all that long but I’ve caught on to most of it just fine. The web page in question is something I use to play online trading card games. For some reason all the pictures on that page are shrunken by just a couple of pixels and are blurry. The text is just as it should be and every other page on the site has the images just as they should be. Please help me figure out what I did wrong. I have deleted the entire page and re-done it twice and both times it has shown up that way. I tried checking my browser settings but they are fine and since it is only the one page I cannot see how my browser would have anything to do with it. The code for the layout is the same on every page and the code for the way I add pictures is done the same. I feel like I’m going nuts trying to solve this. Please please help.

The problem is probably in html, not php. Can you post here the part of your code where you display images?

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