Pics in database

How do you put pictures in MySQL database and then call them in a query ?

Any help is appreciated.

Thanks in advance 8) :(

Well, you would first have to have a binary database which is possible, but most people don’t do that cause it is a big pain. Most people store the link of a perticular image in the database and just have a place for all the photos to go. Then when you say call up a certain photo you are actually just calling for the link to that photo.

If you need more help just let us know.

at there is a couple of tutorials for dealing with images in the tutorials/database section.


Check out this link: … ral&id=300

I ran across it while doing a search over there for putting pictures in the database. The german software 4images might solve part of your problem, in terms of uploading them. After that, it will only require a database link.

:) Ragster how exactly do you point to specific area in MySql

For example mine would on

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