phpwebftp problem with downloading corrupt files

hello…i have downloaded and set up and it works great minus every file i open or upload becomes corrupt.

I an not too famaliar with php code so i need help trying to find out where the problems is. hopefully something simple. The demo they have on the site works!! unfortantely no one replys to my msg i send them and the forum page is down.

please reply if you can help!!

Although I am not familiar with the phpwebftp, I am familiar with FTP in general. Often times “TEXT” files can get corrupt, depending on the mode of transfer. If an ftp client/server doesn’t “Auto Detect” (properly) the file type, you can send a text (ASCII) file as Binary. This may result in corruption. Certainly the vice versa is true as well (Sending Binary files as Ascii)

Check to see that you are sending in the proper mode.

according to the code, the defualt is binary
I have tested with ftp clients and file transfer works…
even existing files open corrupted
like i said…what throws my off is their demo works fine…

heres my site

and heres a test log on
user: nbastest
password: password

I am going to install and delete my apache server and php install and start from fresh. i dont think its the code but something in the apache or php.ini file…possible. if the code was broke…the demo wouldnt work.

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