phpMyAdmin requires a password???

Hi Everybody,

This is truly a “how to start” issue.

I’ve installed wampserver to learn PHP scripting on my local machine rather than try FTP transfers all night long. At this point, the ONLY script I have ever done is a Hello World level thing. I am truly a rookie.
The wampserver is from “Alter Way” if that helps.

In any event, my first project will need a simple database, and the tutorial tells me I should access phpMyAdmin to make one. When I select phpMyAdmin from the wampserver menu, I am going to be refused. My browser tells me this is an error 403 Forbidden!!! OIE! UNFAIR! Apparently there is a log in and I am stuck here. I don’t have any idea how to get through this issue. Log In? Password? Username?

What’s this about, and how do I fix it? ( in layman terms, I did google this issue and suggestions were above my understanding)

many thanks,

i am not common to wamp but i am with xampp. In xampp its easy. it installs phpmyadmin for you. login:root password keeps empty.

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