PHPmyadmin HELP!



IDK why but it works on my server and i installed it the same way on my windows 10 laptop and it’s not working.

On my windows 10 laptop i have iis, mysqli installed just as my server but not working.


Well, PHPmyAdmin file is a PROGRAM. Or you can say it is a WEBSITE file.
It is NOT a local file that you can run on your desktop or laptop.

Now, with that said… If you have a local server set up on your desktop/laptop using something like Wampp or Xampp AND you also set up PHP on this local-server AND you set up MySQL on your local pseudo-server, then and only then you can run PhpMyAdim on your desktop/laptop.

Windows 10 is just fine. But, you say you installed it on your laptop… And, how did you do that?
The issue here is that PhpMyAdim is a local program that runs on a server. So, set up a server on your laptop or just log into it online. Not sure if all this makes sense, but, ask further questions and we can help you out…


Solved! Thanks for the replying . I set the host name on my iis server on my laptop the same as the one on my server and they keep conflicting which each other once I change the one on my laptop it worked


Glad you solved this one…