PHP5 Help

Hello all,
first post… please be gentle :P

I am running phpbb2.0.22 (I know this isn’t a phpbb support forum but hear me out), and I have a very old mod which isn’t made anymore.
Since webhost changed the server over to PHP5, I get a blank page with NO log.

The problem is within the includes section of the forum I believe, and I have all the extra code added within the includes dir of the forum…
To which brings me to my question, what code here is stopping it from working with PHP5??

HUGE Thanks in advance if anyone can assist.

Below is the code.


MOD EDIT: Removed code

Besides not being a PHPBB support forum, we’re also not a ‘we’ll fix your script’ forum. Try doing some debugging first, there are plenty of tutorials on how to troubleshoot faulty code, even on this very forum.

Oh ok, that’s fair enough.
The code was originally working, but isn’t now with PHP5…

Thanks anyway…

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