Alright, well I have created two php forms. On form1 I added a button in which when it is clicked form2 pops up in a smaller window. In form2 i have created 3 radio groups that have 3 questions. Once each question is asked I want it to retain the info and go to the next set of questions after i press the next button, I created the next button but I don’t know what to do so I can go to a different set of questions once i press the next button. All my next button does is refresh the window.

That next button on the screen 2 - is a part of html form, right? You need to specify form’s action attribute for this form, like this:

<form method="post" action="page3.php">

This will bring user to next page.
Or you can process submitted form on the same page (page2.php) and then redirect to page3.php using this commands:
header(‘Location: page3.php’);

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