PHP Works on Server but not from another browser

When I run my PHP application directly from the server using http://localhost:81/ it works. When I try to access the server from another browser by running http://ifw-2k8fs4:81/ it doesn’t work. Any ideas what the problem might be?

I have PHP on ifw-2k8fs4 and MySQL on ifw-2k8fs3. I’m running IIS 7 on ifw-2k8fs4. I do not have an apache server running. I figured that was my problem. I installed apache on the ifw-2k8fs4 server using port 81 and tried to run the application. Instead of the application running I got back a message saying It works!

I uninstalled apache, and now I’m back to my original problem. Any ideas?

PHP doesn’t run on its own. Either way your still going to need a web-server such as Apache.

Yikes! :o I am a beginner yet even I know the above reply by RaythXC is not correct for several reasons:

[ol][li]PHP does run on its own. It can be configured as a stand alone language engine on either Linux or Windows.[/li]
[li]IIS is a server. It is Microsoft’s proprietary answer to Apache. It sucks but it is a server.[/li]
[li]the OP is asking two questions: (A) What is wrong with his/her IIS setup? and (B) Why did he/she get the weird “It works!” message when Apache was installed? Neither question was answered. [/li][/ol]

Obviously a lot more information is needed to diagnose the problem and by now I am sure the OP has probably left since the answer was neither accurate nor helpful. :’(

UPDATE: Apparently I was correct. This post was the one and only post by anegin. How pathetic to lose an obviously skilled computer user with such a horribly erroneous answer. And RaythXC is listed as an expert ?!? No wonder so many questions around here are unanswered and abandoned. Again I am a newcomer but IMHO that is a terrible way to run an online help community.

I am no PHP or server expert, but if you are trying to run php in a different browser, why would you use the http: address you type, why wouldn’t you use, http://localhost:81, remember, your computer is localhost, I know you said that you php is saved in that weird address you type, but that’s not the name of your computer, you computer is localhost, so try it that way.

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