PHP Warning Startup in several modules

Hello, I’m new to PHP and I’m trying to update version 7 in Apache 2.4 in windows, but when I start the server I always get an error in several modules: php_calendar.dll, php_curl.dll, php_ftp.dll, php_iconv.dll, php_intl. dll, php_ldap.dll, php_mysql.dll, php_openssl.dll, php_pdf.dll, php_zip.dll, php_zlib.dll, always the same ones, other modules are loaded without problems, I have tried with quotation marks or changing the path to EXT in extension_dir, in include_dir, even in extension, I used the PHP _ *. dll format or just the name of the extension, but I always get the same error, I can not use for example PDF or SSL. The error always has the same format:

"PHP Warning: PHP Startup: Unable to load dynamic library ‘calendar’ (tried: c:\Server\PHP\ext\calendar (The specified module can not be found.), C:\Server\PHP\ext\php_calendar.dll (The specified module can not be found.)) In Unknown on line 0 "

If someone had the same problem and knows how to solve it, I would really appreciate it if you could give me some idea to load these modules. Tanks!

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