PHP, utf8 and MySql headache


Hi all, I am hoping someone can provide me with some assistance are a very frustrating problem.

I am a beginner with php and modified a Chat script (taken from here: to allow multilingual chat (via the Google translate API).

My modification was working very nicely. Then my system went down (Running Linux Mint 17 x64). After reinstall the OS the script didn’t work, nor does the original unmodified chat script (without the translation modification). It will no longer pass any text (all project files are utf-8) in any character set other than the system locale (ZA-en).

An entry is inserted into the Mysql database, but is is just a single comma.

I am thinking that the original environment either had a dependency installed that the current one doesn’t (and the only own I can think of is HTML_quickforms2 from PEAR ). Or a difference in the Apache configuration (again not much was modified there other than enabling open_short_tag).

Any insight/ assistance in figuring out what is going on will be greatly appreciated.


Take a look at your PHP Log files and see if their are any errors reported in it.


Thanks for the reply :slight_smile:

Precisely nothing in the logs (and I mean absolutely nothing have E_ALL & ~E_DEPRECATED & ~E_STRICT enabled not a thing! - (this entire issue seems to be an unstream Ubuntu 14.04 one- others have had issues with php error logging on 14.04).

I am moving development to a Bitnami WAMP Stack on a Windows 7 VirtualBox install. Will report back when I know more

Thanks again for taking the time to reply