PHP Username/Password Database - Please Help ASAP

I have a question.

I have a SWF file, that communicates with a php file on a webhost. The PHP file returns an “ok” to allow the SWF to authenticate to login and actually use the main SWF’s purpose.
Could I add PHP code to the file that the SWF communicates with or make a new PHP file that take the information sent to the main php file (that is used for authentication, like login info, or such) and log that information that the PHP file receives into a secure database.

So lets say.

Local SWF file - to online PHP file - PHP file to local SWF file - Local SWF logs in (with inputed login info) after getting “OK”.

How do I make it so Local SWF file - to online PHP file - PHP file (logs info received) and sends back normal “OK” to local SWF, Local SWF receives “ok” and logs in with user inputed info?

Is there a way to do that?

If you absolutely need it, I can post the authentication php file, but I would rather not.


BUMP. I need this answered as fast as possible.

Thanks. :o

I really need help with this, thx

I am surprised that nobody replied or even attempted to help me.

I believe it is possible.

Have u seen only desktop games (made of flash) when u submit score… gets recorded in server… and login too…

so, that means it is very much possible.

i did a small search and came close to what u need (i hope)

check this link… may be it helps… alteast to start up

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