Php upload and download


Hi All.

How difficult is it to make the following in php?

I wish to make a script that can upload a file to my server. After the file is uploaded the file will be processed by a script running on the server, perhaps a power shell script for instance. When the new file is complete it should be sent back through php so that the user who uploaded the original file will get a link to the new processed file.

“Basically” it’s to upload a file to folder A and wait for the same filename arrives in folder B and then provide a link for it. So that the upload webpage awaits for the file to arrive in folder B and then provide the option to download the file.

I hope someone can help me out since I’m not that sharp in php :-).


Taxing, but not difficult. It is and upload script that you can get from w3schools, and an ETL script that needs to be written.