PHP Update Multiple rows with 1 Submit Button?

hi all. I’m simply displaying each item that fits the WHERE query, and I want to update them when you type the number in the text box. HOWEVER, what it does it, it laves every one blank, except the last one it says “Array”. Does anybody know how I can fix this into where i can enter so that it will update what i enter in each, separate text box? Everything i enter in each textbox will be different, assume so anyway… here is my code: [php]if($action == “stock”) {

$setprice = $_POST[‘prices’];
$updateprice = $_POST[‘updateprice’];

$_POST[‘prices’] = Array(’$setprice’);

echo “<a href=?action=edit>Edit Shop | <a href=?action=view&user=$showusername>View Shop | <a href=?action=stock>View Stock | <a href=?action=quick>Quick Stock

Stock Shop


" method="POST"> <?php $eq = "SELECT * FROM uitems WHERE username='$showusername' AND location='2' GROUP BY theitemid"; $ee = mysql_query($eq); while($erow = mysql_fetch_array($ee)) {

$eeloc = $erow[‘location’];
$eeid = $erow[‘theitemid’];
$eenowid = $erow[‘uitemid’];
$eeprice = $erow[‘price’];

$wq = “SELECT * FROM items WHERE itemid=’$eeid’”;
$ww = mysql_query($wq);
while($wrow = mysql_fetch_array($ww)) {

$cq = mysql_query(“SELECT * FROM uitems WHERE username=’$showusername’ AND location=‘2’ AND theitemid=’$eeid’”);
$lcq = mysql_num_rows($cq);
$fid = $wrow[‘itemid’];
$fname = $wrow[‘name’];
$fimage = $wrow[‘image’];
$frarity = $wrow[‘rarity’];
$fdesc = $wrow[‘description’];

echo “


" method="POST">">


<?php } ?>

<?php if(isset($updateprice)) { mysql_query("UPDATE uitems SET price='$setprice' WHERE username='$showusername' AND theitemid='$fid'"); echo "Success! Your prices have been set and updated!

"; } }[/php] if anybody can solve my issue, you will be so awesome, thank you! =)
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