php unable to start because DB2CLI.DLL and ICLIT09B.DLL missing

I don’t need to run DB2 and I don’t need to run what ever ICIT09B is. I’m connecting to Firebird DB. My website works, as long as I click OK on the two error dialogs that appear on the server.

I have about 30 “extension=” lines in my php.ini. I would like to simply comment out the ones that are causing these dum error messages to appear.

Thanks in advance for your kind and generous help.

How did you do your install? Or is this on a host platform?

I checked several server installs and don’t have those extensions listed in the ini file.

I found the problem. The extension= lines causing the problem were actually in the php.ini, but further down than the other extension= lines. They were for DB2 and Informix. Where I got this PHP install I think was from SourceForge. It’s an old one, for php5.4. Thanks for your reply. I hope this helps others.

Thank you for the update.

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