PHP tutorial

:slight_smile: May i know about a good PHP tutorial to start with? :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

There is no one single tutorial that will help you to get started. Different tutorials work better for different people. For me it was going to Make sure to read all of the manual for each function that you have questions about, you don’t necessarily have to read all of the posts but notates security warnings, parameter definitions and best methods of using different functions right in the manual.

Honestly though, there are only two sites that I have learned to trust, (the manual, not the posts) and The rest of the information on the web can be useful from a usage standpoint but you learn real quick that many sources are just full of it.

I started off by just writing code and when I had a question I would go to, search for the functionality that I was looking for and read the manual. If I still didn’t understand the usage I would use one of the posts at for that specific function that looked kind of like what I was trying to do, break down the code and try to follow the logic. If I didn’t find anything or I still had questions, google.

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