PHP Tourny

hello, very new to the php world however, picking it up fast. I had an idea for my website but need a major push to get started. Its a Tournament System. That not only can people pick the winner of the tournament but they will get to vote on the match. SO basical I have Team A and Team B, You Pick who you think will win, then people can vote on the to matched to determine the winner, this step is repeated until a winner is crowned. WHat i need is

  1. Admin page
    * to set up the matches
    * place pics of each player or players in the match
  2. THe page that shows the pics of the match of the week, and spot to vote and sign up.
    • There should be a page for the games of the week, and a place to vote for the teams you think might win. a page that shows the whole brackets, and a page that shows who has the most picks right.

Like i said need a push seeing how this looks like it might be bigger then i am right now.

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