PHP Timeout with slow connections

I have Apache 2.2 server with MySQL 5.1 and PHP 5 installed on a Windows XP machine.

When I try and access my website from a slow connection (eg EDGE network or Dial-Up) on a page that displays a lot of text it will timeout based on how fast the client loads the page (I’m guessing it also involves the client’s ping).

Why is my server waiting for the client to load before continuing execution? It happens whether I am accessing data from a MySQL database or doing a file crawl or just sending a long page. Shouldn’t the page be generated and then sent to the client whole? I thought PHP was server-side script.

Note: I have the execution time set to 2 seconds intentionally and would prefer a solution (or at least an explanation) other than increasing this time. And this does not happen on a fast connection.

Thank you.

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