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Hi I am trying to get my php test server to work on my mac. I am running lion 10.7. I have followed several instructions that I found on line to the best of my ability but they don’t seem to work correctly. One thing I was not able to do is to change the error_reporting= E_ALL because it does not exist in the same way as the examples and I was afraid of messing something else up. When I just request Http:// localhost I get the “it works” but It can’t ever find the files in my test server. BTW I am using dreamweaver.

Any help would be great! :smiley:

Your apache config should tell you where the public dir is.

Check out /sites-enabled, you should have a default.conf or something there.

Thanks for the thought, but let just pretend I am a complete bone head. How do I find that file you suggested editing? :-\

locate sites-enabled

should give you something like this:
jim@develop:~$ locate sites-enabled


just guessing the linux command will work, I think my total time with osx is like 5 mins.

file not found on all of those :’(

if you don’t have the locate command then you must use whatever search command is in osx.

If it says ’ No such file or directory’ doesn’t that mean that the command is correct but the file is wrong?

Macintosh:~ davidboswell$ /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/000-default.conf -bash: /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/000-default.conf: No such file or directory

It means that file does not exist in that directory.

did you try searching for it?

please excuse my ignorance, but search where?

I found this in the /apache2/httpd.conf file.


AccessFileName: The name of the file to look for in each directory

for additional configuration directives. See also the AllowOverride


AccessFileName .htaccess[/code]

could this be what we want?

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