PHP tears up my website layout...


Okay, I have a weird problem with my PHP.

I added a domainname check on my website, except it causes some problem in Mozilla Firefox.

Check for yourself (with Firefox):

If you enter a domainname and let “alles” (=all) stay checked, press “Controleer”.
You will now notice it tears up the layout while it searches for the domainname availability.

I also made a screenshot, so you can understand the problem I am facing.

It only does this in Firefox and when it looks up domainnames. After the search is done and it displays the results; it shows perfectly.
In Internet Explorer it just shows the background of the website, while it’s loading. Though not professional, it looks better then the result in Firefox.

Any one who has an idea what’s causing this? I also tried numerous of other WHOIS scripts, but all with the same result. :frowning:

Btw the code for the WHOIS is just one PHP file, from I copied the code and pasted it in my layout.

Thanks a million…


It’s being caused by the UPLOAD. Because the “ALLES” gets more data, it takes longer to pass it. It does the same thing if you just check one domain, but since there is less data, the page loads quicker, and you don’t notice it as much.

I know I.E. has a setting that can prevent the page from displaying until it has been completely loaded, and I am sure FireFox does too, however to make this change so that every user does not see the “Distorted” page until it loads, you would need to change EVERYONE’S (that visits the site) browser.

What you are experiencing on that page is normal page loads. I wouldn’t (personally) be to bothered by it, as long as it loads correctly when completed (loading that is).


Okay so it has nothing to with my page layout then?

Well it wouldn’t bother me much as well personally, it’s more like a cosmetic thing to me. But I don’t speak for everyone, I know for a face people do get annoyed by stuff like this. Hehe.

So there is no real workaround? :S

Anyways thanks for taking the time to answer.