Php table position

Hi Guys i am wondering if you can place a table in php code anywhere on the page.
Can you use something like position absolute ?

if you can’t with a table what advice do you give thanks

You could place your table (and all other you can imagine) in a container div.Then with the CSS position property you can define how you want to place your div. And there are some more CSS properties that you can use. I give you the ones that i can think of on the moment of writing:

  • margin
  • padding
  • left, top, bottem, right position (depending of the position propertie)
  • z-index
  • width and height
<div class="container"

You can output any mark-up you want any given ‘place’ in a PHP file (as long as it adheres too all rules of open/closed tags & order)

thank you for your time

so this will not work ?

echo "<table cellpadding=3 border=0 style=“position:absolute;left:19px;top:17px;>”;


thanks guys i sorted it

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