PHP Start

I am a student studying at TAFE (Diploma in Web Development)

I have installed the latest version of PHP to my computer and when I try to run the program It tells me that it cannot find certain dll files in the ext folder, and wont start.

Yet when I look in that folder the files (dll files) are all there.

Have I done something incorrectly?

Regards, Keith

What web server do you have installed? What operating system are you running?

I have Apache and run Windows XP home SP2

To make life simple and this is exactly what I did, after trying to do everything manually, which I never did get working, I went and downloaded WAMP. You can download an executable, that will install Apache, MySQL, and PHP and make configuration a breeze. Now you don’t have to use WAMP, there are other options like XAMP and Triad2Apache. Plus more, but I seem to like WAMP the best. Personal preference really. They are all free :D as well, really a plus.

Look into those and that should get you up and running!

Hope that helps.

I did already have Xampp on my machine. I had PHP installed as well as one of my instructors told me that I had to have it that way, Xampp installs PHP in a subfolder of Xampp. So in fact I had 2 PHP programs installed not knowing any better.

While I was waiting, I decided to uninstall the standalone PHP program and see what happens. Running the same commands again the executions worked.

It was then apparent that the standalone PHP did not and could not link to the server in Xampp. The PHP that was installed with Xampp was originally being overriden by the standalone PHP now that the standalone is no longer there PHP runs ok. I may be wrong in my assumption but I cant think of another explanation.

I thank you for your time, and hope that what I found can be used in the future.

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