PHP SOAP ComplexType Mapping

I am trying to create a client soap call using nusoap and php to an existing wsdl that contains complexTypes. When I perform a getTypes I receive the following:

Array ( [0] => struct process { catalogContainer arg0; } [1] => struct catalogContainer { category categories; product products; sku skus; } [2] => struct category { string absoluteName; string description; string displayName; string id; string keywords; string longDescription; string parentId; boolean delete; int menuPosition; } [3] => struct product { string altImage; sku childSkus; string commodityCode; string description; string detailImage; string displayName; product fixedRelatedProducts; string id; string keywords; string largeImage; string longDescription; category parentCategories; string smallImage; string template; string thumbImage; boolean delete; } [4] => struct sku { string color; string description; string detailImage; string displayName; string id; double listPrice; product parentProduct; double salePrice; string size; string swatch; boolean delete; } [5] => struct processResponse { string return; } )

The getFunctions returns:

Array ( [0] => processResponse process(process $process) )

Now when I create my soapclient

$client = new soapclient(“wsdl”)

I know the functions I have to call are process() however not sure how to setup the parameters to pass to the function.

$params = ; //How do I set this up???


Can someone help create an associated array or class that could be used?

Thank you and really would appreciate any help

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