PHP small project help needed


need php codeing for 5 small pages, small php coding,

1st page : User Registration page name (register.html) - record insert into mysql database.

2nd page :- members.html - Retrive user’s data back to this page,
(retrival data containts, one photo of user, name, city from database-registration table and search user by city.)

3rd page : admin_login.html - (authenticate admin)

4th page : user login (page not designed but same as admin_login.html)

5th page : admin_panel.html - (admin approve user or delete user from this page)

all pages are designed complete, need php code for this small project, if any one have time for this small project then help me.

complete designed template download link is given bellow :

thanks in advance.

2 thing,

1 we arent doing this all for you. There are tons of tutorials on all of that stuff.
2 all of those pages will end in .php unless you are using jquery

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