php script pops up and does not work

Hi, I am very new to php. Someone wrote a php script and it was working fine. We use windows xp and when I try to run the schedule task, the php scrip pops up instead of running.
when I try to run the script thru cmd, it runs.
c:path_to_php.exe -f c:path_to_file
can anyone please advise what can I check thanks

The scheduled task probably calls the PHP script directly, and not the command you’re showing us. Check and doublecheck your scheduled task.

Yes it calls the script directly. but the script/schedule task was wroking fine till couple of days back and nothing seems to have changed. It stopped workin all of a sudden

Maybe a (windows) update of some sort altered the method of execution. Either way, you shouldn’t call the script directly, as PHP script isn’t executable by default (it should be interpreted by the PHP engine).

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