PHP running on IIS 4 Suddenly not working


Hello everybody

The problem is just as the title suggests. PHP was working perfectly 2 days ago, running on my Windows MCE laptop on IIS 4. I have PHP 4.4.4 installed, and also using sessions (again, working perfectly)

I have justr switched my laptop on, and now have problems with the display of PHP pages. The problem doesn’t seem to be consistent either. Occasionly, the top table of my website works, and other times nothing is displayed. However, if I view the source of the page, nothing is displayed, even if part of the page is.

I have PHP errors switched on, and have set-up my session folders correctly. I believe the IIS server is running OK, because it displays HTML files correctly. I did also try running “php.exe -i” from command promt, and got a large output of ‘settings’ of some sort (which I have been led to believe is normal). If I try phpinfo() in a test php file, I also get the same problems of no page or source output.

I consider myself to have a moderate understanding of PHP and IIS, but I am very confused and don’t know what else to try. The next step I think would be to remove IIS and PHP, reinstall each, but perhaps PHP version 5.2.1 instead.

Any ideas or thoughts would be very much appreciated.



It sounds very much like an IIS problem if you ask me. Not getting a source code? Inconsistent output? Must be the server software. I say check your Windows Event Log under Applications. Perhaps there’s some sort of notification about IIS that might help you further.