PHP Registration Form

I’m a web developer. A client needs a registration form for a course they offer. I made an attempt, and now I’m looking for help.

General specs for the form:

30 fields
Needs to write to a mysql db
Ideally would allow a registrant to login and update his/her own data
Ideally would send notification to the registrant and an administrator when the data is submitted or revised
Upon submitting the data, it would redirect users to a thank you page (“Thanks for registering or changing your registration info”)

I think that’s it.


What have you tried? What was the result?

Actually, I started by trying to learn a “little” php: tutorials, O’Reilly manual. Quickly got overwhelmed. So, never completed an example. That’s why I’m looking for someone to write the code for me.

I assumed thats what you were getting at. We dont write your code for you here. We will help you with code you have already written. You are more than welcome to hire one of us to do the JOB for you.

That’s what I’m looking for. What’s the process? How do I get a quote? How do I hire someone?

I am available. Email me the detailed specs pertaining to your posted overview of your project and I will give you a quote. Click my name for the email address.

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