PHP ready-made online catalog


I would need some advice on how to proceed with a project in mind.

I was thinking of buying a ready-made template for an online store that will have approx. 500 products, divided into sub-categories, each having its own picture.

If a purchased template has the number of products already at my disposal, how long would it take to “edit” the template to my needs? Would it be as simple as replacing the picture in the code and the names of sections, prices and description?

I’ve thought of online stores that would permit what I am seeking to do, but my concern is that if the site I am dealing with suddenly closes, I will not have my site to put up as back-up elsewhere because that online store/shopping cart was dependent on that store’s hosting provider.

Is it possible to have an online php catalog already made so that I can upload it anywhere at anytime?

Thanks very much in advance.

I would recommend downloading a ready-made cart/store. With most shopping carts/stores, you can add/delete/modify as many objects as you want as they are based on databases.

I would recommend doing some research into which one would best suit your needs. The following are some recommendations:

Zen Cart
Agora Cart

Look into these and they should do what you are looking for.

check out

Complete Online Open source store.

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