PHP randomly changing variable names

Any idea whats going on here?

I have a function which outputs an image to a filename which is specified by a combination of a variable inputted into the function, and a hard-coded location. The variable is being inputted to the function correctly - i placed an echo command the line before the function is called and that value is correct… however an echo command within the function seems to show a different value. It is this changed value which is being used as the location, not the correct one which is being sent to the function

8081_B12345_53444900_10 becomes 8081_B12345_53444900_14
8081_B12345_53444900_U99 becomes 8081_B12345_53444900_V03
8081_B12345_53444900_aa becomes 8081_B12345_53444900_ae

Any idea what is causing this? It shouldn’t be my coding as between the two echo commands all that happens is the value is passed to the function.

looks like string increment. have u used ++ somewhere?

if u think it’s not a coding problem, have u tryed to run the script on a difftent server?
are u allowed to post the code here? if not it’s gonna be hard to offer more help.

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