PHP project


I decided to do a php project, i am gonna try my luck at it and see what happens. The questions below are what i wanna answer.

purpose of the application?
What input is expected of the user?
What screens will the user see when inputting their data?
What processing will be performed on the information submitted by the user?
How will this information be stored?
How will the user be informed of the results of the data processing?

I also want to meet the following requirements

Input must be accepted from the end user.

Invalid input must be recognized and properly handled, with the user being informed of any problems.

The input must be processed and stored (in a database).

Results of processing must be displayed to the end user (through the website or through email if processing is asynchronous.)

It must include all necessary SQL statements, PHP code, HTML, and images to execute within the XAMPP environment.

It must have a professional and aesthetic appearance.

must be secure and safe from attack.

Any help with this would be great, i hope i can get the help i need for this. If i can get this done, i may go and have someone teach me more php


What do you need help with?


Cross posted. OP doesn’t listen and is looking for someone to spoon feed answers to them.


I just wanted some ideas of what i can do, astonecipher below posted about cross posted and he is telling the truth. He seems to think everything is homework and this isnt. I just wanted to start learning php and i figured i would do a project. I took the advice of some people and picked up a beginners php book and figured i give it a read. Again i wasnt asking for anyone to give me a code or anything, i just wanted project ideas.



Thank you