php problem


Hiii Can you help me please…
That how can send an automatic mail message from my free classified site to all of my friends in evary 25th day of a month. For this purpose ,how can active a 24 hour working server by using php code.

How will send the message automatically in every 25th day of a month with out any manual works?. And Iam using windows platform.

So I feel that you will share your information with me!!!

Thanks to all of you.


First of all, Please do not use the slang such as u for you, ur for your or plz for please. It’s hard enough to try and work through someones language skills as english is not their native language, but when you complicate it more with poor abreviations, it makes matters worse.

Now on to your problem…

As best I can tell, you wish to have an automated script that emails certain people on the 25th of the month.

If you are running on Linux, you can set it to run as a cron job. If you search the forum, there are/were numerous posts that discuss this issue.

I am sure there is something on Windows that also allows you to run tasks on a scheduled basis as well, just not sure what it is.