Php, phpmyadmin sql

Can anybody help, I want to display the feedback and color in the database as the data and not “Array”

first photo is the table

the second photo is the form,

the third photo is the query

any help would be most grateful!

Well, we code here, not paint pictures. Please tell us what you need and give us code examples and we can help.
If you read data from a database table, you must “fetch” the data from the row of results from your query.
If it is really an array, it would need to be placed into an array and then you can access it using that array

So, first, are you using MySQLi or PDO?
Are you able to read the row of data from your table?
How have you tested this so far, code-wise?
Is this for a class project?

Many questions we could ask, but, without seeing any of your test code, we don’t know what to ask you!

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