PHP Performance

Does anybody knows which is faster, PHP or Perl?

Also, i’ve used Ioncube’s free php accelerator on FreeBSD with great success to accelerate Mambo or Joomla pages, but now they do not have updated php accelerator, so on FreeBSD 6.x (which I use on my server) that program is not working anymore?

So my question is, if is available other PHP accelerator that could improve by let’s say 30% Joomla performance.

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Accelerators don’t work that way. You won’t get a fixed improvement. PHP is compiled when a page is requested, which takes a fair amount of time. Accelerators are actually caching the op-codes, the compiled version of the script, so the compilation phase does not need to run every single time. The improvements you get may vary depending on the kind of application you are using. Some accelerators perform some basic optimization on the operations before caching the script.

PHP is now bundled with APC, but not enabled by default. You can check it out at .

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