PHP output from database to PDF - Can't display information as required....Help

Hi all,

I am having a rather vexing issue, that im sure there is a simple solution to (not that after reading webpag after webpage about php can i isolate) ???

I hope you guys can help with this.

ok, scenario…

I have written a back office system, and the relational database is playing ball, stuff being displayed as predicted except ONE thing…

ok, when i select to display PDF of the given dispatch note, the ‘notes’ keep going off the page.

Q1? how do i set the display of the ‘notes’ so that the words wrap back and stay in a given box are?

Q2? how do i set a given box area for the text to be displayed in?

Q3? why is this bit so difficult to sort when the rest of the coding was so complex and works flawlessly ???

Here is the code i use to get adn display the data:




I cant put an attachment on to show you the output, but at the bottom of the page is a grey box with the text aligned at the top left corner of the box.

when the text is displayed, it just runs off the right end of the page.

how to i wrap it back onto the next line, where the return key has been pressed when entered.



some notes some more notes more notes summet else sum

what i actually want is:

some notes
some more notes

more notes

summet else

summet else

i know this is a bit awkward to explain, but i really could use some help here.

I thank you in advance.

kind regards,


Dr M Black

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