PHP on a Microsoft .NET / Microsoft SQL server

I have created some basic php files which capture user names / emails entered into a form for a client, which works perfectly.

The clients IT handlers have said they cannot install PHP onto the server because it is a Microsoft .NET / Microsoft SQL server only and having PHP is not recommended by best practice.

Is this a possible error, as I thought that PHP is friendly on all server environments? And if so is there any way around this?


Well, in all areas of the world there are people who feel their solution is best. Of course, Microsoft is one!

I have a server set up in my home that is a Windows Server. I added PHP to it and all is well.
So, it can be done with ease. But, a “Microsoft” shop will sometimes try to hold to the “standards”
set by Microsoft. Therefore, they are ASP orientated not PHP. ASP is very similar to PHP and does
basically the same thing. Active-Server-Pages are server-side and as secure as PHP. They have the
same basic commands although in a different format.

So, the answer to your question is: WHOSE “best-practice” is the real question? Not mine.
Mostly due to the high costs of MS’ SQL server. MySQL is basically a free version of MS’ SQL Server.

But, if that is the server you must use, you can learn ASP quickly as it is very similar to PHP. There are
nearly as many tutorials on the net for ASP as for PHP. Here are two sites that are my favorites for

Good luck and hope this helps…

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