php not working

Hi all,

I installed xampp a few days ago. It installed apache, mysql, and php and worked fine for a week. Suddenly, it stopped working. I use winxp.

When I try a simple script like:

<?php echo 'hi'; ?>

and run it on the localhost I get nothing. When I look at the source code in the browser, Google Chrome, it is empty. I have apache and mysql set to run using xampp’s control panel.

phpmyadmin works fine and when I try to run the example scripts in xampp (CD collection) they work. In other words php runs for their script on my local machine.

I tried to uninstall and install xampp again, but the problem did not go away.

Any suggestions to what I should do?


Jan Nordgreen

Hi all,

False alarm!

I was running


instead of


in the browser.

Silly me!


Jan Nordgreen

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