PHP Noob

Hello everyone
I have only just started to learn PHP and wanted to join a PHP community where i can get help or advice when and if needed. First thing though i am going to go away and try and learn all the points as suggested on the Home page. Cya!

Welcome to our site! Glad you can join us…

To get started, here is a great site for you to peek at. It has a large amount of tutorials to get you started.

When you get stuck, ask us here. Make sure you place your code inside the PHP tags. This helps us copy your code quickly
into our own editors.

CYA in the bitstream!

Hello and thanks for the welcome ErnieAlex
Sorry to have taken solong to reply but i’ve been busy looking at the tuts at w3schools.

No problem! Glad you found something there to read. We also have tutorials hidden here if you search for them in the
category list, you will find some. They are more targeted towards various posts that have been made in the past, but, some
are very helpful. You can search and will find some gems here.

Once you get stuck on a program, let us know. Please make sure to post your code inside the PHP tags which helps us
move the code to our own editors.

When you get stuck, open a new post with a heading that gives us an idea what your problem is.
Again, welcome! CYA in the bitstream… (That’s all this really is… LOL)

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