PHP News by Email

What I want to do is be able to send email to an email address, like [email protected], and I want to be able to post the contents of the email on my website. In other words, I want to email news to an email account and have the news show up on my site. Even better, could I limit it so it only posts news from certain email addresses? Thanks a lot for any help-


I think what you are trying to do may be very tricky as it needs to interact with a mail server directly. Depending on how your email is handled (i.e. do you control the mail server or is it controlled by a host) and how you retrieve it (i.e do you use Outlook, Pine, Thunderbird) what file format is the file in ( PST format, maildir format, mbox format), and where the subsequent mail file is stored (local machine, server) can all determine even if it’s possible.

If you do not have control over the mail server AND you use a program like Outlook to retrieve your email, you will probably be looking at a difficult project.

IF you use a program like sendmail or qmail in an MBOX or MAILDIR format on the same server as your webserver, it may be much eaiser to deal with, but you will likely have to do a lot of parsing.

So I guess my answer is another question… A question of needing more information on how you want to proceed.

Thanks for you response-

I have my email through Bravenet and soon godaddy. I’m assuming that constitutes as having it through a host? But if not, and that might work, then please let me know. Thanks for your help!


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