PHP nav menu


ok you can see my site here

how do I make an updatable nav page for my links
so I dont have to edit each link on each page
So I can just edit one php page and its updated on the other pages.

<? include("nav.php"); ?>

but for some reason it doesnt show!! I dont get it
I made a php page and just put a css script , a javascript and atable I didnt have any thing else likea a body or head or , etc
well you can see the nav at
and yes the main page is a php file too
well I would like some help
thanks for reading
reply soon


I personally have a custom header function that I use for the tops of my pages. In it I open the page and have all my basic stuff (html,head, title is passed in, CSS and navigation (minus the current page with a little logic) ) all echoed out to the main page. You may be able to do the same thing as an include.

I also have a custom footer function to close the page (bottom links, close body, close html, and what ever else I need for those pages.).