PHP n00b help - "if" troubles

Ok, the LSS is that I’m trying to do something more complex than this, but, since I’m having major issues, I thought I should simplify to identify where my problems are originating.

With that in mind, I created a very simple page which has one user-submitted field.

Upon submission, the page should return a new line of text, but it doesn’t. Instead, it just reloads the original.

Any help/suggestions/pointers would be appreciated.

Without further delay, here’s what I have so far. . .

<?PHP if(isset($_POST['submit'])) { print ("You mean it actually worked?!?!?"); } Else { ?> Name:   <?PHP } ?>

You shouldn’t close the form and then reopen it. The only form you’re submitting is the second one, which doesn’t have an action attribute.

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