PHP/MySQL upload file

Hi there,
I need help please!

I have a form where someone inputs customer information such as name, address etc that is then stored in a MySQL database and is then viewed and modified. No problem there. In that form (when entering the customer info), I need to be able to upload some files (one field is for an image and another field is for other types of files such as .doc etc) that is stored on the server, and the file location in the respective MySQL field (I think that is what is needed anyway). In other words, when a record for a customer is created, the uploaded file needs to be connected with the customers other data. So when a customer record is viewed, the image will show up as will the other file/s being available for download. I have everything else up and running except for this. I’m using Dreamweaver. Is there a Dreamweaver extension for this? Many thanks for any help.

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