PHP Membership Model and User/Admin Panel

Looking for some advice. I have a web application which was coded in PHP, and I’m now trying to turn it in to a subscription based model where users have to pay a recurring fee in order to access and use the application via the web.

I thought of hosting it in conjuction with Wordpress and use a plugin to lock it down. I did find one, but the user and admin panel needs a lot of work and modifying to work well, especially the user panel as it uses the wordpress user panel as the default which doesn’t look all that good. The admin features are not all that great either with managing accounts, revenue, etc.

I’m thinking about what my options are, and I’ve searched around but I’ve yet to find a solution. I basically need the below:

  1. Ability to lock down the tool/application. The tool can be accessed simply by a specific longtail URL, so I would need that path locked down. On the same tool page, there shoud be a profile section where the user can manage their account.
  2. Nicely designed User and Admin panel for ease of management and accessibility by the user.
  3. Support a recurring membership based model with payment gateway integration.
  4. Payment gateways (Stripe and PayPal) are the big ones, along with a gateway which support Crypto currency.

Any suggestions?


What you are asking is general how to build a house? What kind of aswers do you expect?

So you need to divide your problem in single steps. The first step would be to build a login form maybe?

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