PHP Login System and more


I want to start up a login system where users can sign in…and view personal information.

For example, if John log’s in using his password, he can view reports or notes that I have posted for him. I want this content to be available only for John and no one else.

How would I go about designing this? I am new to PHP/MySQL so I barely have knowledge of programming.



First of all, you won’t need PHP knowledge just yet. As you said, you’re still in the designing phase. However, it is quite handy to have a programmer’s set of mind, which means thinking in if, else, while, etc (not literally of course).

Next, what do you have so far? Are you stuck anywhere? Is something unclear?

I have the login form ready…i know how to create tables…but how do i have a seperate page for every user…so when they have been authenticated…they will be re-directed to their own page…

its something like the .htaccess pass protected dir…but with a loginform…

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