PHP-Live IRC Chat - Fast Help


What is PHP-Live?
PHP-Live is an upcoming community run chat room. What we plan to accomplish with PHP-Live is to support new and advanced PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, CSS and HTML programmers in real time.

Do I have to pay anything?
No, although we would like you to return the favor by helping others.

How can I help the PHP-Live and community?
You can help us by simply helping others, the more you help the more people will help you.

What are the rules of the server?
1# Please use PM for general chat
2# Do not swear
3# Do not flood or use scripts
4# Please state whether you are an expirence or n00bie programmer
5# Wait your turn before asking a question
6# Make sure your question hasn’t been asked before

How do I become a PHP-Live Operator
Simple request to join the PHP-Live group by clicking here and we will get back to you.

Any other notes?
[i]Do not expect the response as if you PAID for it. We are spending our own free time to support YOU and we cannot help all the time. Please be patient and don’t force helpers. PHP-Live and PHPHelp are two mediums for helping you, you may be referred to either for support

If you join our server, you may post code without being banned but if you post more than once without permission from the person helping you risk being silenced.[/i]

Do I need any special software to join the server?
Yes, you can access out server using one of two methods. Via our Java based client provided by JWIRC or by a third party application such as Mirc (we suggest JWIRC).

What are the server connection details?
Please note the following details may change in future

For third party IRC clients…
Server: Port: 6667
Channel: #php

For Java users (people without an irc client)…

PHP-Live would like to thank
Builder (Steve Knoblock) - For creating PHPHelp and supporting PHP-Live
Whisk - for coming up with the idea
Mnet:Web and Miles Burton - for supporting the community whilst we grow
Peg110 (Paul Gardner) - for his continual hard work with new users and for providing a secondary IRC server
JWIRC - for providing PHP-Live with an excellent Java client free of charge

And YOU for being part of the PHP-Live and PHPHelp communities.


We have opened up a new forum dedicated to answering all your problems, suggestions and querys towards PHP-Live…

You can access this new form by clicking here


Urgent Update

Many of you may have expirenced connection problems and/or disconnection while you are connected.

This is due to an IRC server bug, we are aware of the problem and are working on a resolution. We hope to have the bug fixed by this weekend if not earlier.

Thank you for your patience,



We are happy to say PHP-Live has installed a new server. You should not expirence any disconnection problems. Thank you for your patience.


Sorry if you have request to be a PHP-Live operator, I have received a fair few request and it’s taking a while to get through them all.

If you would like to be a PHP-Live Operator I suggest you idle in the chat room and just help as you can while we get to your request.

Sorry for the delay,